Xamarin as a mobile testing tool!


Xamarin is one of the tools in today’s market that can be used to create and test mobile applications. It is not new but at the same time, it is not an old tool. In today’s Information technology age, most web applications or websites have mobile apps. In our case here we are going to mainly focus on Xamarin Test Cloud as a mobile testing tool. The Xamarin test cloud consists of the following parts

  • Test cloud – This part of Xamarin is cloud-based and consists of physical mobile devices.
  • UITest – This part allows test cases to be written in C# using the NUnit testing library
  • Xamarin Test recorder – This part captures the interactions between the user and the mobile app
  • Calabash – This is part that allows tests to be written with cucumber and ruby

Why would a company choose Xamarin as a tool for choice to test mobile apps?

There are very many tools on the market that can be used to test mobile applications but the main reasons why companies choose Xamarin are as follows;

  • Rapid mobile Application development – Xamarin enables 100 percent code reuse because it delivers native-app like feel which is consistent with performance across platforms. The reuse of the code makes the development process faster and easier.
  • The API integration – Furthermore this tool allows developers to combine the same APIs and user interface controls that are used for developing Android and IOS application in their respective programming languages.
  • Microsoft Application Support – When you select this tool as your choice, Microsoft as a company will fully support your needs. This support makes you like the tool because very few company fully support a client like Microsoft when it comes to their products
  • Few Bugs in Application – More so, since less code is written in Xamarin, fewer bugs are created in the mobile app. A developer’s code is easily shared across the android and IOS platforms. This makes it easier for the tester to write test cases easily.


Indeed if you developing an application that needs a mobile app, the best tool to fit all your needs is Xamarin especially with the application support you will get from Microsoft.

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