A user Story in Agile Software development life cycle

User Story

During any type of software development, a developer, as well as a tester, need some guidance from a business what they want. A user story comes in handy since it will have at least the basic instructions to help the quality analyst test as well as a developer to code.  A user story is a “short simple description of a feature told from the perspective usually from the customer or user.” They are mostly written on an index card or sticky notes. Nowadays there are tools that can be used by the agile teams and stored in the backlog.

Advantages of good user Stories

  • Easy planning – A good user story will help the software team plan by discussing what is needed before they commit to complete the story. A user story may seem simple based on the description but once the discussing occurs among the team, they will be able to determine how much time will be needed to complete the task. This helps the project manager as well as the team to set realistic goals for the software development
  • Easy to understand – More so, since user stories are small, there are easy to understand. This makes it easy for discussing as well as writing test cases that can be executed by anyone even if they are not QA testers
  • Less Risk – Furthermore, since user stories lets team discuss among one another, it leads to less risk when delivering the software. The whole team will have some input before it is delivered to the customer. The customer also will be consulted before the product is delivered to them. There is a lot of collaboration among one another hence fewer risks than going at it alone as a team.

Limitations of User Stories

  • User stories have limitations because there isn’t so much you can add to the index card. This can lead to less information communicated to a developer even though you may have discussed the story with them. Once they begin making changes, they will realize that is deeper than what was written or described on the index card. This leads to the team to have to meet again and discuss further hence delay in software delivery date.


Good user stories help agile team run efficient and fast. The results can be easily seen and verified. There is also the option of going back to the person who wrote the story to clarify something a developer or tester may not understand.

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