SOAPUI as a testing tool in software!


Soapui is one of the many tools used in testing. It mainly tests web service calls. Most of the time the testing team has a person dedicated to using this tool to test the different scenarios of all the web service calls.  Some of the main web services it does are inspection, development, simulation as well as invoking. It is an open source and can be downloaded free from the website. It has also the SOAPUI pro part which is the commercial enterprise that will cost you some money to get.  It can also be used to measure system response by putting a demand on the software. This is known as load testing.

Advantages of SOAPUI

  • Simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) – The user interface of SOAPUI is so easy and comfortable for new users to work with because of the layout and workflow done by their team. Everything is spelled out and a new user just has to flow what the software directs him/her to do.
  • Vulnerability Testing – This is testing done on any software system to protect it from hackers and viruses. SOAPUI would be able to identify the weak areas in the system using the testing generator, SQL injection and XML Bomb methods. This will help developers recode the weak points and make the system hack proof.
  • Makes Functional Testing easy – Functional testing is the type of testing done on the system by entering data or input and examining the output. SOAPUI will be able to provide test debugging by executing step by step hence improving the testing process within a short period.

Disadvantages of SOAPUI

  • SOAP UI needs a person experienced to create automation scripts as well the mock services. This process requires a lot of steps and this can be a hard task for a beginner.



SOAPUI is a tool needed for testing especially when service calls are to be tested. It is one of the most effective tools on market. Your organization can never go wrong if they ever select SOAPUI to test their web service calls.







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