Roles of a Scrum Master in Agile Soft development life cycle

Scrum Master

A scrum master is a person that glues as well as facilitates communication among an agile development team. Not everyone can be a scrum master. It requires a certification and one should be well organized to achieve such a feat. Most scrum masters are certified and they should be able to report in a timely manner the results of a sprint to the upper management. Scrum is the type of software development life cycle that lets a team self-organize and make decisions quickly as per agile principles.

What does a Scrum Master do in software development team?

  • A scrum master arranges different types of meetings for the team that will be working on the software applications. The most common meetings usually a scrum master will arrange are sprint planning, daily stand up and retrospective.
  • A scrum master usually asks the team what they worked on yesterday, what they will work on that very day as well as any impediments that he/she can help with if any of the team members are stuck. For instance, if a team member doesn’t have access to a certain database, scrum master steps in to find what is required or needed for a team member to have access to it.
  • More so, scrum master records and keeps up to date time for the tasks that the team committed too when the sprint was planned. Every time the team members take off or add on the task is recorded. This makes it easier for him/her to report as well as predict how many hours a team may need especially if they are underperforming. Underperforming is when teams don’t complete their tasks in the assigned sprint and they must carry them over. This usually is not good for a team.
  • Furthermore, scrum masters can easily determine if the team will be able to deliver software on time as requested by upper management by basing on the reports they created from the previous sprints the team worked on. If your team is always carrying over the assignments, chances are you will never finish the project on time and a scrum master can step in ask if they need help. Help can come through by adding more workers to a team or decreasing the number of hours the team commits on during sprint planning.
  • Also, a scrum master keeps the team focused on tasks ahead through daily meetings whereby the progress can be seen accordingly on the burndown chart. He/she can be flexible if the team underestimates or overestimates the amount of time need to complete a sprint
  • A scrum master also arranges the demonstration of the completed software units to the product owner. This helps the team as well the product owner to look at the progress. The product owner will be able to determine if the team is on the right track.


A scrum master is needed in software development especially agile because he/she helps a team in a lot of ways. For instance, access to certain systems as databases as well as any impediments the team may find during the software development lifecycle


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