Role of a Project Manager in Software Development

Project Manager

A project manager is a person responsible for defining, planning as well as the completion of the software project.  The main job of a project manager is to provide all the support the software development team may need to be successful when implementing the software. For instance, if a team requires more developers or testers, it must be approved by the Project manager. They control the overall cost of the budget.

Do all Projects require a Project Manager?

It depends on how big the project is. If the project is huge, then a project manager is needed to help communicate the progress of the project between the business and software development team. If the project is small, a developer can work as his/her own project manager.

Advantages of Project Manager in Software Development

  • Easy Communication – Project managers make it easy for the team to communicate their problems they may be facing during the software development phase. The problems facing the software development team will be taken back to the business side to find a solution. For instance, if a project has a date about a part of a software to be delivered and the developer finds out it will be impossible to implement, he/she will communicate with the project manager the problems why he/she can’t deliver. If the reason is legit, the project manager will communicate this issue or reason why it won’t be delivered on this particular date with the upper management.
  • Saves time – Project manager helps the team save time on the project by providing all the necessary things the team needs to be successful. For instance, a login to a certain server to access some data. If the developer or tester doesn’t have access to this, a project manager will be able to help them get access to it.
  • Manages cost – A project manager will help the business manage the cost by delivering the product on time or before the deadline. When the project date gets extended, this means the company must pay its employees for this project that was supposed to done or delivered. This costs the business some money. A project manager helps by planning for this pitfall that may arise during the software development process hence managing the cost better.


A company should always hire a project manager to keep track of the progress of a software as well as manage the cost before it goes over budget.

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