Screen shots

Importance of screen shots in Software testing

A screen shot in software development is a picture or an image taken to show steps taken to display what is being tested or the expected results. Most of the times it is done to document bugs or defects on the screen. This benefits the developer to reproduce the defect …

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Retrospective Meeting

Is a Retrospective meeting necessary for every concluded spring in Agile!

Yes, it is necessary to help the team iron out the differences in what was successful or unsuccessful. It is used by agile teams to improve on the success instead of settling for a status quo that may lead to failure in a long run. It improves the flexibility of …

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Black box testing

Why Black box testing is necessary?

Black box testing is the type of testing done to the software without knowing the inner working of the structures. It is pretty much just inputting in some data to the software and find out what is working and not working as expected. This method can be used on any …

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Smoke Testing

Why Smoke Testing is done!

Smoke testing is the type of testing done on a software before it released to Quality assurance team or production to detect the severity or defects that may have been caused by development and it will lead to acceptance or rejection of the new build. It is always done before …

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Business Analyst

Can a business analyst be eliminated from Software development life cycle!!

It depends on an organization as well the project being discussed. In this case, it is a no for me. You can not eliminate a business analyst at all from software development. A business analyst is someone who translates the business side of the organization to the software developers who …

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Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server (TFS) as an Agile Tool

Team Foundation Server mainly known as TFS in the software industry is a Microsoft product tool that is used as an agile tool. It can also be used in waterfalls software development life cycle but in this case, we shall stick with agile.  It has a lot of functionality but …

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Advantages of using the HP LoadRunner as a performance testing tool

Performance testing has very many definitions but it is mainly used to determine how a software or network or device responds when a certain workload is put on it. HP LoadRunner is one of the most tools used to perform this process. The results generated from the tool when it …

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Is selenium one of the best automation tools!

Selenium is one of the best tools on the market that is used in testing to automate test cases. Its main job is to automate web applications. There are very many steps which are very repetitive especially when you are doing smoking or regression testing when a new build has …

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How important are meetings in software Development life cycle?

A meeting is when people or a team come together to discuss an issue that is at hand or what they may want to do that very time or future. Software development life cycle has a lot of meetings taking place so that a quality product is delivered at the …

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Disadvantages of Agile Software Development Software

Agile Software Development is the type of building or creating software in which “requirements and solutions evolve through a collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams.” This type of development involves teams forming and discussing how to achieve the common goal of developing or improving the software. They also have meetings …

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