Ad hoc

Why Ad Hoc testing is very important!

Ad hoc testing is the type of testing that is normally done once and never again because it is not considered the real testing. It is sometimes called error guessing because a tester is not creating any test cases and documentation when he/she is using this method to test the …

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Good Requirements

Good requirements lead to easy testing of a Software Application

Before a software is developed, the business analyst gathers the requirement which will be used by both developers and testers to perform their particular duties during the software development life cycle. Good requirements will make it easy for the tester to perform his/her duties when the application is ready to …

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System Testing

Why System testing is Important!

System testing in software development occurs after integration testing and before user acceptance testing is done. In simple terms, it is like a bridge that helps the software quality assurance team determine that the application is ready to deployed and used by the customers. Systems testing is the testing done …

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Integration Testing

Is Integration testing Important in software Development!!

Yes, it is very important to the successful implementation of a software project. It will be tough to push a software into production without doing the integration part of testing to it. Integration testing is the type of testing in which individual components of a software developed are combined and …

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Black box testing

Is Black box testing Important in software development!!

Yes, it is very important. It is impossible to release a software application without doing black boxing testing on it. It has advantages as well as disadvantages. Black box testing is the testing of a software without venturing into its internal structures or workings. It is mainly functional but it …

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Software Quality Assurance

What is software Quality Assurance (SQA)?

Software Quality Assurance is a process of testing a developed software to make sure it meets the acceptance criteria or requirements usually described in business analyst documents. The developers create the code based on these documents or use cases or requirements. The tester also uses these documents to verify that …

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User Acceptance Testing

Why User Acceptance testing is important!

User Acceptance testing (UAT) sometimes known as end user testing is very important in software development because it is the last part of testing done before the software is fully implemented to production. It can also be done by a few people (the users) before it is made available to …

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Is Automation of test cases necessary!

Yes, automation of test cases is necessary during software developments because it provides great benefits to the team. First of all, test automation is the executing of the test cases with a special software and comparing the results with the outcomes that are already known to the tester. A tester …

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White Box Testing

Is White box testing Important!

Yes, white box testing is important during the software development process because of the benefits it provides before you can go any further during the testing phase. White box is the typing of the testing that involves the analysis of internal structures of system or software. It is can also …

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Product Owner

Product owner in Agile Software development

A product owner is one of the main stakeholders during software development process that has a vision for what the end product shall be. If he/she has a good vision, the project will be successful. Most of the projects that fail or that are never released are due to many …

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