Database testing as Software Quality Analyst

Database Testing

Database testing has been around but mainly in most companies, it is done by the database developers. Lately, it has expanded whereby software quality analyst should have the knowledge on how to test databases. In most companies, they will offer training in case you have no clue how to approach it. Most Quality analysts have at least basic knowledge. Basic knowledge is writing simple queries that a can be used to extract or validate data when executing test cases. Some queries may be complicated but usually, developers will help you out by providing the complex queries.  The complex queries are triggers.

How does one test a database?

The approach of testing a database is usually the same as testing an application. The main difference is the environment. In order for one to test database successful, you have to be in the database environment. There are very many databases on the market and each company uses what fits their need. Below are the steps needed to successfully test a database

  • Environment – A test should prepare his/her environment. The environment usually is the database the company is using. For instance, if the company is using Oracle database, that is what a tester should have on his/her machine. You can’t use any other database to test.
  • Running a test on a database – A tester should be able to verify if the database connection is on and it is pointing to the right server by checking a few tables or the basic results before beginning to test. This process makes it easier to test the user stories accordingly.
  • Expected Results – The test should be able to validate the expected results according to the user stories by running SQL statements and then report the findings to the stakeholders. This procedure can be done on the user interface by entering some data and verify if it getting inserted properly in the database.

There are very many ways to test database and above are the few. Most databases testers are expected to know a little or more SQL. This will make it easier to test.

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