How do companies choose the best software testing tool!


This is one of the toughest question or task a company or quality analyst manager will face in their career choosing the best tool that will suit all their testing needs. There are very many tools on markets but getting the best for your team or company is hard unless you already have one in mind. There are very many factors the company or QA manager will consider before making a decision to choose a certain testing tool.

Below are some of the factors the company may consider before choosing the tool

  • Cost – This is one of the most common factors the management will consider before a decision is rendered to which tool the company will choose. The cost has to be reasonable for the company depending on what they expect the tool will provide to their testing services. If the testing tool is expensive, it won’t be selected. Every company has a budget to spend and the tool has to fall into what the manager is willing to spend to be selected.
  • Easy to use – More so, the tool has to be easy to use so that the company doesn’t have to spend so much money to retrain their employees in case they were using a different tool. This makes it an easy decision for the management to make because adaptability is quick for their employees on the new tool
  • The functionality of tool – Furthermore, the tool should cover the basic functions that are expected in the Quality assurance of software. The testers should be able to create and execute test cases. They should be able to create and retest bugs in the same software.
  • Application support – Another factor most quality assurance manager may consider before selecting the tool or service from the company is the support. Most companies may include support of your team for a certain period of time if you purchase their tool. The support can range anywhere between a week or a few months before you begin paying for their help or service.
  • Training of your employees – Also if the company selling their tool is willing to train your employees until they master the tool, management will consider buying it because of this reason. This helps the company whereby they don’t have to look and hire people who know how to use this particular tool chosen. Training of their employees helps them save some money because they don’t have to hire experts who already know how to use the tool.

Indeed they are other factors a company may consider before selecting a good testing tool but the ones mentioned above are pretty much the basic ones any QA manager may go with before making a decision


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