Disadvantages of Agile Software Development Software

Agile Software Development is the type of building or creating software in which “requirements and solutions evolve through a collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams.” This type of development involves teams forming and discussing how to achieve the common goal of developing or improving the software. They also have meetings …


Disadvantages of Waterfalls Software Development Cycle

Waterfall is a linear-sequential form of developing software. It is one the earliest methods that were applied to develop software. The main thing about it is there is no overlapping during the phases. Below are some of the disadvantages of using this method

Ways to Improve

Ways to improve Software Quality Assurance results at a company

There are very many ways testing can be improved at companies and it depends on how usually a company is set up. Some companies don’t test their software until it’s deployed in the production and customers begin complaining about something like errors or defects. Companies like these fix the errors …