Disaster Recovery

Why Disaster Recovery Testing is needed!

Disaster can happen any time without even the strongest company not knowing how to deal with it. It is an event that happens suddenly and usually no one can predict it when it may occur. In simple terms, it is an accident that causes great damage to a company. Some …

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User Story

A user Story in Agile Software development life cycle

During any type of software development, a developer, as well as a tester, need some guidance from a business what they want. A user story comes in handy since it will have at least the basic instructions to help the quality analyst test as well as a developer to code.  …

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Use Case

Use Cases Benefits in Software Testing

A use case is very important in testing because most of the test cases developed are at the system or acceptance level. Use cases “capture how a user will interact with a solution to achieve a specific goal.” Use Cases will provide as well describe step by step process that …

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SOAPUI as a testing tool in software!

Soapui is one of the many tools used in testing. It mainly tests web service calls. Most of the time the testing team has a person dedicated to using this tool to test the different scenarios of all the web service calls.  Some of the main web services it does …

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How do companies choose the best software testing tool!

This is one of the toughest question or task a company or quality analyst manager will face in their career choosing the best tool that will suit all their testing needs. There are very many tools on markets but getting the best for your team or company is hard unless …

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Xamarin as a mobile testing tool!

Xamarin is one of the tools in today’s market that can be used to create and test mobile applications. It is not new but at the same time, it is not an old tool. In today’s Information technology age, most web applications or websites have mobile apps. In our case …

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Scrum Master

Roles of a Scrum Master in Agile Soft development life cycle

A scrum master is a person that glues as well as facilitates communication among an agile development team. Not everyone can be a scrum master. It requires a certification and one should be well organized to achieve such a feat. Most scrum masters are certified and they should be able …

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Mobile Applications

How to test mobile applications!

Most of the websites tested in today’s world do have mobile applications. A mobile app as it is most called is a type of software application designed to run on a mobile device. The most common mobile devices are cell phones and tablets which use android or IOS as operating …

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Test cases

Test cases in software Development

Test cases are the foundation of quality assurance in software development. They will determine if the software product is working as designed or failing. They help the tester proceed to the next phase which may be user testing or roll to production for the customer to use. A test case …

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Project Manager

Role of a Project Manager in Software Development

A project manager is a person responsible for defining, planning as well as the completion of the software project.  The main job of a project manager is to provide all the support the software development team may need to be successful when implementing the software. For instance, if a team …

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